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Conditioning for  athletes is a fine art.  The art of coaching is a balancing act between art and science.  Unfortunately with the advent of the internet, coaching has become too much of a science and not enough art.  Coaches, instructors, teachers, and parents of future sport stars generally get confused with the immense amount of information available to them and lose site of basic principals.  The best training advice, exercises, and programs for establishing an overall fitness base and maximizing your chance for success is something that should not be taken lightly.  Whether for health, wellness or general fitness for you or your young athlete, a properly initiated assessment and implementation of basic training principals  and proper guidance will make the difference between  success and failure for you and your young athlete. The difference between success  for some and those that just miss out.

This authoritative program includes numerous exercises that safely increase  coordination, symmetry, mobility,   speed, strength, and endurance.  It contains a proven regimen geared to long-term and short-term  developmental phases, training plans, and specific programs for sports such as baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, soccer, swimming, skiing  and track and field. 

)ver 40 years of expertise that has helped train everyone from youth athletes to Olympic champions. With  40 years of experience attaining the highest athletic achievement possible and collaboration with 100's of the worlds most accomplished athletes, coaches and medical professionals, will provide you, parents, teachers, and coaches with the most comprehensive program available.  100's of exercises and dozens of programs appropriate for all ages. These exercises take into consideration critical factors such as  developmental, motor functioning, and sex-specific considerations to ensure that the workouts do not hinder development and growth. Regardless of the goal or fitness level,  basic conditioning  is imperative  for both short-term and long-term development.


We are a family of four with two young ski racers. It is the demanding  nature of the sport why we were looking and hoping to find a really good dryland coach. Ideally the person would have a track and field background simply because this is the base and the most important part. 

We met Mark last spring to talk with him about eventually training our daughter (almost 11 years old)

During the actual meeting our kids didn't blink once, they were hypnotized. It wasn't because they knew who he was it was his energy and everything that he brings into the room.

A couple of sessions in and Mark came to watch the kids ski training at the Alpine Indoor Ski Centre, simply to understand better what he could help them with. It is needless to say what the effect was on the kids. Two weeks later my daughter broke her foot, the beginning of the summer you are an athlete ....that was the end of the world. Well Mark was not thinking that way, not only  she didn't stop training (Mark modified her work outs) but being around him during this period, she started working on her signature and her speech:)

I'm sure she've learned life time lessons . 

My son was siting and watching his sister train, and he would talk about how he will  join her when he turns 10 years old. One day Mark asked him if he would like to try.... I've never seen a kid jump so high:)

We've worked with Mark ever since, and I'm witnessing the mental and physical change in my kids. He has the gift and the knowledge to bring out the best of each and every one of them.

For the longest time the night before the actual training was a sleepless one , they were too excited.

All they do around the house is pretend to jump over hurdles...One of them is Mark Mckoy and the other Colin Jackson:)

They also have two kind of home works-Mark home work and math home work, guess which one gets done first.

For all of us 2016 will go down as the year we met Mark Mckoy, we also hope to work with him for many years to come.

Thank You, Mark!

The Dimkin Family

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