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Simply put...SIMPLIFY!

The information in these programs are not generally available even to the highest level coaches in Canada.


The stories and experiences are an accumulation of 40 years of knowledge and experience from some of the worlds best athletes and coaches, and is applicable in every area of life. 

Our programming aims to set a foundation  that all high performers require.  These are the foundations of athletic performance from some of the most accomplished athletes, coaches and sports scientists from around the world and how they apply to realtime sport performance, business and life in general.

40 years of


We have the know-how you need.

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Essential Elements of a Training Program.

  • Overview of Coaching/Training

  • Theory & Methodology of coaching and Sports Nutrition.

  • Brief introduction into anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics.

  •     A basic overview of these necessary components of the human body and how they relate to movement, sport and performance.

  • Basic structure of the anatomy of human body and how it relates to sport and performance - better know as functional anatomy.

  • Secondly, how the body functions and the interdependency that one system has on the other in order to optimize that performance.

  • Lastly, the knowledge of how athletes move, stabilize, balance and apply force to optimize performance.


Essential Elements of a Training Program cont...

  • Warmup

    • Mobility & stability

  • Drills

    • A,B,C’s

  • Speed development

    • Form & Technique (Arms, Knees, Feet, etc.)

  • Plyometrics

    • Hops, jumps, bounds, etc.

  • Conditioning

    • Circuit Training (Equipped and Non-Equipped)

  • Strength

    • Optimal Strength

    • Power