• Mark McKoy


No I’m not going to bore you with my roots. Where I came from. The gory details of how I came about.

I’m going to bore you with something completely different


Where does one come up with the realization that they can achieve the virtual impossible?

And when do actually start believing that it is actually possible?

You hear all the time about athletes and their dreams. I hate to burst your bubble but, as I’ve said before, dreams don’t come true.

There are thousand of athletes around the world if not millions. And unfortunately, for 99% of them, dreams and aspirations amount to nothing.

As much as people want to believe (especially parents), I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but with all the dreaming/wanting/wishing in the world, little Johnny/Susie just ain’t gonna make it! Them’s just the facts! It’s not that they aren’t talented or genetically gifted. The fact is, 99% of the little Johnny’s out there just aren’t willing to do what is takes. Again, them’s just the facts. And you can take that to the bank! Trust me. I know. I work with them every single day. If I had a nickel for every time I hear, “My kid is the best. All the coaches are looking at him.” I’d be a Billionaire. If I had a nickel for all the kids that are going to actually make it…I’d have a nickel.

99% are just not willing to “do whatever it takes.”

So what does it take and when do you realize that you have what it takes? Those are the million dollar questions! CONCEPTION

First let’s answer the question, “What does it take?”

It takes a lot more than “Talent” and “Genetics”. There is a lot of that out there. If you take all of the genetically gifted and talented people out there and line them up, what is the difference between those that succeed and those that don’t? The simple answer is; those that are willing to “do whatever it takes” are those that win! It’s that simple.

Few people are willing to do what it takes. And that is why there are so few successful people in the world (5%).

How do you know if you are part of the 5% or if you are just one of the herd?

Simply by the actions you take. Because “Actions Speak Louder than WORDS.”

Too many people have dreams, wishes, goals. They think about them. They write them down. They talk about them.

You know if you are one of the 5% when you quietly go about “DOING” things.

I can tell within a very short time of meeting someone if they are successful or not. Simply by their words and actions.

First of all, from experience (and a lot of statistical data) I tend to look at things differently than most people. Most people give people the benefit of the doubt. I don’t. Why? Look at the data. 95% of the population fail. Why then should it be assumed that “you” will be different? Odds are against you. So, if you say that “you” are different, I suggest that “you” check the statistics and then “prove (act not talk)” them wrong!

When “you” come (or bring your little superstar) to get results, sorry to be a pessimist, but odds are against “you” no matter how talented “you,” “he,” or “she” may be. Once you can accept that fact we can move on to “PLAN B”. And yes, there should always be a “PLAN B”.


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