• Mark McKoy

Happy New Year!

That's right. Start your New Year's resolution TODAY! Waiting until January is the worst time to begin your health and fitness goals.

Every year people make New Year's Resolutions. 80% of those resolutions involve some form of Health or Fitness goal. 90% of those Wellness goals FAIL! Why? They fail for many reasons; Unrealistic. Unmotivated. No time. No money. Lack priority...and the list goes on. The number one reason people abandon their wellness goals is...TIMING! January is the worst time of year to begin a wellness regime. It's cold and dark (not the most motivating time to get up, get out and do it). Success is all about timing! You will have way more success when the weather is nice. You will have much more success outside than in. The best way (and time) to start a wellness regime is when it's nice outside. Most people think that they just don't have the willpower. News flash...very few people do. Willpower just doesn't work. Create a winning environment around you. Find people who are of the same mindset. Get out there and do it...NOW!

Don't wait until the worst time of year (New Years) to try to get your fitness goals back on track. You failed last year, the year before and the year before that. What makes you think that next year will be any different? Did you suddenly come across some unknown superpower that you weren't aware of? If you can't get going now then just face the can't get going at all. it just isn't meant to be. It's ok, not everyone is supposed to be healthy. Sit your ass back down on the couch, grab another bag of chips and a beer and just face reality.


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