• Mark McKoy

“Normal doesn’t Win”!

Have you ever wondered why some people win and others don’t?

Have you ever asked yourself why you seem to struggle to achieve your goals?

Those questions can easily be answered if you were to take an honest look. An honest look at “yourself”. Take an honest look at yourself in the mirror. If you take a real honest look at yourself, I’m quite sure the answer will come to you.

Look at yourself honestly. Only “you” can look yourself in the eye and know that you have done everything that needs to be done in order to “deserve” what you get, because you don’t get what you want in life, you get what you “DESERVE”.

The one thing about being in the business that I am in (sports and fitness), you can’t cheat! When you lineup on that start-line you will either be confident or crapping your pants. The difference between the two? What you have done above and beyond what everyone else is doing. What have you done to “DESERVE” winning over everyone else in the field? Over all of the others that have worked so hard to get what you want. Have you done extraordinary things? Are you one of the crowd doing what everyone else is doing? There is a famous Tibetan saying. “I’d rather live 1 day as a tiger than 1000 years as a sheep”. Are you a tiger or are you a sheep? Sheep don’t’ win!

You can’t be “Normal.”  Normal is “average.”  And “average” doesn’t win!


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