• Mark McKoy

Whatever it takes!

I’ve learned in life that there are people who have dreams, people who have passion, people who set goals and people who go beyond. Don’t mix these up. They are not the same. Dreams you have at night, when you sleep. Too many people talk about dreams, passions and goals. The problem with dreams are, at some point you have to wake up. You have to wake up and actually act. Do something about what you want. Stop dreaming and talking. It’s time to act. 1% of the population actually do anything about their dreams passions and goals. Too many people make decisions to get to the next level but never start. People read book after boo. Listen to video after video. Take course after course. They are bombarded with so much knowledge that they can’t even see what it is that they want anymore. Stop dreaming. Stop setting goals. Stop making decisions and actually get out there and “DO” something. Even if you fall on your face. Don’t make a big deal about it. Get up and “DO” again. That is why there are very few successful people in this world. Too many talkers and not enough doers. When you talk with action you will be successful. Learn to talk without saying anything. Learn to talk without your mouth. Talk with action. Many people throw around the words dreams, passions & goals. If you talk about your passions and don’t act it’s not passion, it’s a dream. If you talk about your goals and making decisions and don’t actually do anything, it’s a New Year’s Resolution. WAKE UP!!!


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