• Mark McKoy

“You Can’t Handle the Truth!”

There is no better industry than mine to show how most people are just plain in denial!

Most people are so influenced by the media, social media and other external factors that they believe that they are entitled to the things that they want in their lives. They look around them and believe that they should be able to have what others have. How come so many people around them have so much and they have so little. Others are so “lucky.” Not realizing that all of those people they see with so much (the 5% by the way) have worked their butts off to get there and “deserve” what they have. People don’t get what they “want” in life, they get what they (work their butts off for) “deserve.”

The truth of the matter is, if you point out to people that they don’t really “deserve” what they “want,” because they really haven’t “worked” for it. They say they have. They believe they have. But in truth, deep down inside, they know they really haven’t.

People want to be healthy, lose weight, be fit. The “truth” about health is that you can’t cheat. You can cheat in many things in life, but the one thing that doesn’t lie is your health. There is no “part time” health. You are either willing to put effort into it “full time” or you are not. It’s that simple.

As a personal trainer, I workout everyday. 7 days a week. Sometimes 2,3 or ever 4 times per day, and I find it hard to stay in shape. And I’m vegan. I eat healthy. It’s hard. I guess that’s why the obesity rate is 50%. And, I do it everyday. I don’t miss days. Not for sickness. Not for injury. Never! People say “Well that’s because you are an Olympic Gold Medalist.” No. I’m and Olympic Gold Medalist because I don’t make excuses! I can “handle the truth” about the results (or lack thereof) for the effort I put in for what’s important in my life…ME!

You know when people put importance on their health? When they’re sick. Too late!

I’ll take it one step further.

You’ve heard the saying, “Part time effort, part-time results.”

Actually, when it comes to fitness it’s “Part time effort, zero results.”

Showing up once in a while or when you feel like it. You might as well not bother. It’s like starting fresh every time.

People talk about results. Talk is cheap. I’ve stopped listening. I listen with my eyes. People have little integrity anymore when it come to their own health. That’s why gyms are packed in January and empty the rest of the year. People can’t keep their word. Not even to themselves.


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