Theory & Methodology

Most training programs are developed through academia. Although important, this method is far from optimal.  There is no substitute for experience when it comes to implementing programs for high performing individuals.  As like most things in life, the art and science of coaching has been turned on its head.  Too much science and not enough art!  With all of the research and studies involving high performance, there is no substitution for what actually happens in the field of play.

Gaining the basic knowledge needed to develop training  programs (scientific theory and studies), requires real life anecdotal experiences from real world experiences and collaboration from leaders in the field.

Wellness is an ever evolving discipline.  But, along with all of this evolving information, there is still no substitution for what is actually happening in the training lives of past and present world leaders in athletic performance.

New ideas, theories, and methodologies are constantly emerging in the world of coaching and athletic performance, identifying these new validating its validity is the art of determining  whether they are viable and can be included in the development of a successful training regime.

Communication with high performing individuals is essential to continually build better programs. These networks and merging and implement are the necessary components to better athletic performance.

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